7 Interesting Facts About The History Of Casinos

7 Interesting Facts About The History Of Casinos

Whether you have a gathering with friends or the alone time, indulging in earning profits or enjoying all kinds of luxuries. Casinos are the hub of all your desired activities. With their onset of Casinos, People’s lives saw tremendous changes in outlook towards life, expenditure on ownself, and leisure times.

However, who were the first ones to bring in such a revolution? Who created them? Which was the first-ever contest in a casino? To answer all. such questions that must have now started hovering over, take the lead on, with this piece:

●    Who Originated the Casinos?

Presently, casinos have reached all over the globe in search of enthusiasts eager to play the gamble games. And it has never failed. People from the nook and corners unite at casinos for a hopeful round of roulette or some slot machine games.

However, this hub was started by the early Italians as a pastime activity to enhance their moods. Though organized gambling may date as far as the 16th century, establishments are all credited to Italians.

●    Oldest alive game

As unbelievable as it might look, the oldest alive game known to us, was originated 7000 years ago. Better known as Baccarat, the game is supposed to be the best-preferred game in early humans.

●    The Roman Forbiddance

Today, recognized as the best gamblers of ancient times, the Romans and Greeks of early times were not allowed to gamble. Yes, that’s how the rule went,

‘If any Person is caught in Gambling Practices, that person is levied a fine four times the amount of the bet at stake.’

Though today, it is just a saying that is told of for saving money, to gambling addicts.

●    Chips – The basis of table games

The word chips bring all those colors, red, blue, yellow, and the gambles in our minds. But have you wondered why or who brought them into the picture?

Well, the same old story where Romans being fined if caught gambling brought about their origin. Some smart Romans said they were playing with chips and fooled the guards. These, later on, were anointed value and today are used in casinos.

●    An Eight year-long Poker game

No, don’t be surprised or judge this feat as impossible. With a lot of unrealistic patience and skills, the game played in 1881 lasted for eight years, five months and three days. All of it in an underground theatre. Of course with food and sleep breaks involved.

Though hard to believe, some $ 10,000,000 exchanged hands in that game.

●    The Old England

In the 18th century, England had its norms where one of the strict norms was Prohibition from playing any game of chances. Yes, Strange but true.

●    The Roulette Wheel

A great source of income today in casinos, the roulette wheels were first originated in Paris. It resembles the U.S wheels.

As strange as all these might seem, they were all our history. Today casinos have changed the outlook of the games, with modifications, revamps, but the basic essence still stays historic.